Jimmy Magahern

Arizona's freelance writer. Since 1982.

Phoenix, AZ

Jimmy Magahern

I write immersive stories on any subject thrown my way. I once wrote 5,400 words on the mall. Occasionally I come up with ideas of my own.


Pharma Chameleon

Overnight, Valley billionaire John Kapoor went from biotech hero to accused opioid pusher.
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Healthcare Power List 2017

Emerging medical technologies and innovative educational methods are accelerating progress in healthcare to new and exciting levels. But the questions of how companies will deliver that healthcare, and how we’ll pay for it, are more uncertain than ever.
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Green and Seen

Sun City is bringing medical marijuana dispensaries out of the dark, reflecting a growing acceptance among older adults.
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Arizona needs more dentists, U.S. rankings say

“It’s not just about the tooth,” says dean of the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health in Mesa, Dr. Jack Dillenberg. “It’s about the person attached to the tooth."
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Summertime Blues

Seasonal affective disorder is a “thing” in Phoenix during summer, when depression, aggression and stifled productivity all mushroom in the relentless Sonoran heat.
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Cosmetic Shift

Shed of its stigma, cosmetic surgery now offers a smorgasbord of targeted procedures – some even covered by insurance, if you know the right doc.
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Auto-Tune for the Brain

Having gone global with its ‘Brainwave Optimization’ technology, Airpark-based Brain State Technologies is aiming to become the Fitbit of the brain.
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The Maestros of Medicine

Our list of the 25 most influential people in Valley healthcare.
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Serious Silliness

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag is an Arizona psychiatrist who spends his free time clowning around — literally — with pal Patch Adams. But what he's discovered about fighting chronic pain through mental attitude adjustment is no joke.
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Cure Corridor

Mixing world-class healthcare with cutting-edge genomic science and startup tech smarts, Scottsdale’s Cure Corridor aims to be Arizona’s medical solutions incubator.
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Risky Business

Medical marijuana’s secret benefactors include some of the Valley’s most prominent business people - and some are no longer worried about remaining secret.
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Dr. Do-It-All

With cardiology and oncology departments, VETMED has the technology to make almost any pet well. But can your wallet handle the cost of a puppy pacemaker?
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Jimmy Magahern

Give me a week, and I'll totally get into, under and around any subject. I learned that disciplined abandon as a young music journalist for the Phoenix New Times, where I'd write about The Clash one week and Julio Iglesias the next. (Both great, btw.)
Since then, I've written for the Arizona Republic, PHOENIX magazine, Times Publications and more. I've won Arizona Press Club and national writing awards in categories ranging from sports and entertainment to health, business and technology.
Give me a week, and I can find something fascinating, relatable and relevant to write about anything.



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