Jimmy Magahern

Arizona's freelance writer. Since 1982.

Phoenix, AZ

Jimmy Magahern

I write immersive stories on any subject thrown my way. I once wrote 5,400 words on the mall. Occasionally I come up with ideas of my own.


Lawyers, Burritos & Money

How Filiberto’s became Arizona’s most ubiquitous and endlessly copied restaurant chain – while building its true success south of the border.
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Blame Game

Phoenix now lead the nation in officer-involved shootings, uniting both activists and officers in concern. But the two sides remain dangerously divided on who’s to blame for the surge.
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The New Bourbonaires

It's "not your granddad's drink anymore," says a new generation of craft bourbon enthusiasts. Is there room on Arizona's barstools for the new bourbon boom?
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Flight Club

Businesses catering to the Airpark's aviation industry are still flying high.
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Wild Horses

Beloved North Phoenix horse doctor Elaine Carpenter lived a fast life, but exhibited ultimate patience with the animals she healed.
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Scout, Out

Now that the Mormon church has opted out of the girls-welcoming Boy Scouts, what will happen to scouting culture in the LDS-heavy East Valley?
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From Russia with (Tough) Love

Former Soviet star Boris Dorozhenko leads one of the nation’s hottest kids’ hockey camps on a 54-year-old ice rink in Phoenix. So where are the Coyotes’ scouts?
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Home Stretch

Entering retirement without a nest egg? Don’t panic. Putting your passions to work while scaling down financial obligations is an old ethos that’s finally found its time.
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New Skin

North Phoenix firm Axolotl Biologix is bio-engineering “replacement skin” and soon replacement blood vessels and heart patches. Is your body due for a high-tech upgrade?
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Exchange Rate

To fill Arizona’s teacher shortage, some school districts are recruiting teachers from abroad. Could this hurt in-state teachers battling for higher pay?
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Tooth or Dare

Two Valley women were busted for performing dental work without a license. Arizona’s attorney general says this type of “dangerous fraud” happens more than most realize.
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Community Disunity

As budgets tighten, teachers and administrators clash within the state’s largest community college system.
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Jimmy Magahern

Give me a week, and I'll totally get into, under and around any subject. I learned that disciplined abandon as a young music journalist for the Phoenix New Times, where I'd write about The Clash one week and Julio Iglesias the next. (Both great, btw.)
Since then, I've written for the Arizona Republic, PHOENIX magazine, Times Publications and more. I've won Arizona Press Club and national writing awards in categories ranging from sports and entertainment to health, business and technology.
Give me a week, and I can find something fascinating, relatable and relevant to write about anything.



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