Jimmy Magahern

Arizona's freelance writer. Since 1982.

Phoenix, AZ

Jimmy Magahern

I write immersive stories on any subject thrown my way. I once wrote 5,400 words on the mall. Occasionally I come up with ideas of my own.


Still Rockin'

Empty nesters with electric guitars now dominate the Arizona bar scene — and experts say they may hold a key to healthy aging.
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This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarium - Heroes On The Half Shell Hit Big With "Tot Rock"

Turtle Power! Bart Rules! Cowabunga! Ay Caramba! Mention the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Simpsons in the same breath on any grade school playground today, and you're likely to spark the most spirited "Who's cooler?" duel since the Monkees versus the Beatles. Rat Fink versus the Trolls.
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Turtles at War!

With America at war and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on a rock concert tour, perhaps one of the touchiest questions that parents toting their tykes to the TMNT extravaganza are having to deal with is, "Why aren't the Turtles going over to help our soldiers?" It's a valid question, after all. With all their martial-arts prowess and their totally radical, bad-guy-bashing weaponry, the Turtles certainly could be fighting off more formidable foes right now than a gaggle of tail-grabbing groupies.
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The Blue Edition - The Bubblegum Princes of the Eighties Are Pop's New Love Gods

Late August 1984. Half past midnight on the haunches of what has been, for most kids, the first day back to school. Up and down the quiet suburban streets, the bedroom lights that burned brightly all through summer vacation have been snuffed out cold. "Not on a school night," the forbidding phrase welcomely retired for the past three months, suddenly reappears in the vocabularies of parents everywhere.
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Dust Bowl Descendants - Patriotism, Protest and Parenting Keep Arlo Guthrie Forever Young

Yellow ribbons whip down city streets on the pinned-back antennae of imported Sentras, Camrys, and Accords, wrapping the USA in patriotism like the loosely woven fabric of a giant Ace bandage. On the radio, the premier pop diva of the day belts out the national anthem as if the centuries-old ditty was her latest hit single--which, in fact, it is.
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Shower Of Power

Still overflowing with guitar magic, Carlos Santana remains thirsty for change
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Jimmy Magahern

Give me a week, and I'll totally get into, under and around any subject. I learned that disciplined abandon as a young music journalist for the Phoenix New Times, where I'd write about The Clash one week and Julio Iglesias the next. (Both great, btw.)
Since then, I've written for the Arizona Republic, PHOENIX magazine, Times Publications and more. I've won Arizona Press Club and national writing awards in categories ranging from sports and entertainment to health, business and technology.
Give me a week, and I can find something fascinating, relatable and relevant to write about anything.



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