Jimmy Magahern

Arizona's freelance writer. Since 1982.

Phoenix, AZ

Jimmy Magahern

I write immersive stories on any subject thrown my way. I once wrote 5,400 words on the mall. Occasionally I come up with ideas of my own.


Polo for the People

Arizona Polo Club is striving to democratize the "sport of kings" for everyday desert dwellers.
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The New Bourbonaires

It's "not your granddad's drink anymore," says a new generation of craft bourbon enthusiasts. Is there room on Arizona's barstools for the new bourbon boom?
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Scout, Out

Now that the Mormon church has opted out of the girls-welcoming Boy Scouts, what will happen to scouting culture in the LDS-heavy East Valley?
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Capturing Kierland

High-rise condos are taking shape around Kierland Commons.
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The "Why" of Travel

From ecotourism to volunteerism, "traveling with purpose" is becoming the mindful way to roam.
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Keeping ‘the 55s’ Alive

Arizona’s 55+ communities are facing challenges from new generations of retirees looking for communities more engaged than isolated. Can the industry adapt?
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The Escape Club

Get locked up with friends or coworkers in the latest live-action game and team-building craze.
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You Bet Your Life!

Life Plan Communities offer a worry-free future, but finding the right plan can pose difficult decisions.
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Not Just 'My Generation'

Multigenerational developments meet needs of home buyers of all ages.
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It Takes A Village

Mixed-use hotel projects are bringing the ski village model to the desert.
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Endless Bummer

Mad or nomad, homeless or just hoboing, scores of unrooted transients migrate between our north and south climates annually, following or fleeing the sun as the seasons change. Are Arizona’s “homeless snowbirds” living the couch surfer’s dream, or riding a wave of neglect? Monty McCoy holds claims to 26 gold mines throughout the West, but he doesn’t have a home – at least nothing permanent.
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Live-Work Airpark

With businesses recruiting young tech talent to the Scottsdale Airpark, developers are building new live-work spaces to nest them in.
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Jimmy Magahern

Give me a week, and I'll totally get into, under and around any subject. I learned that disciplined abandon as a young music journalist for the Phoenix New Times, where I'd write about The Clash one week and Julio Iglesias the next. (Both great, btw.)
Since then, I've written for the Arizona Republic, PHOENIX magazine, Times Publications and more. I've won Arizona Press Club and national writing awards in categories ranging from sports and entertainment to health, business and technology.
Give me a week, and I can find something fascinating, relatable and relevant to write about anything.



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