Jimmy Magahern

Arizona's freelance writer. Since 1982.

Phoenix, AZ

Jimmy Magahern

I write immersive stories on any subject thrown my way. I once wrote 5,400 words on the mall. Occasionally I come up with ideas of my own.


Trouble in Paradise

A grievance across the greenbelt in Paradise Valley exposes disparities in power and privilege, even in Arizona’s wealthiest town.
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Hacienda Effect

After unthinkable patient abuse at a Phoenix care facility, lawmakers and activists look at reforms.
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Blame Game

Phoenix now lead the nation in officer-involved shootings, uniting both activists and officers in concern. But the two sides remain dangerously divided on who’s to blame for the surge.
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Scottsdale PD's DNA unit receives boost from national grant

Scottsdale PD’s DNA Unit is about to get faster. Just don’t expect cases to be solved in 60 minutes.
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Jimmy Magahern

Give me a week, and I'll totally get into, under and around any subject. I learned that disciplined abandon as a young music journalist for the Phoenix New Times, where I'd write about The Clash one week and Julio Iglesias the next. (Both great, btw.)
Since then, I've written for the Arizona Republic, PHOENIX magazine, Times Publications and more. I've won Arizona Press Club and national writing awards in categories ranging from sports and entertainment to health, business and technology.
Give me a week, and I can find something fascinating, relatable and relevant to write about anything.



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